A Guide To  iphone Battery Replacement

Replacement of the iphone battery When you start experiencing trouble with your iPhone’s battery, instead of hitting the panic button, you can simply follow the simple steps below to solve all these problems.If you’re looking for more tips, iphone battery replacement near me has it for you.

The first reaction that a lot of people tend to have to visit a nearby Apple store when faced with any kind of technical problem with their iPhone’s battery. But, this can turn out to be quite costly because instead you can opt for another alternative. You can perform the process of replacing your iPhone’s battery with the following set of instructions that even for the most technologically challenged person are quite easy to grasp: 1) The first step in the process is to search the internet and find a battery that is intended for your specific iPhone model. You will buy it once you have done this, and bring it home.

2) By loosening the screws at the back of your phone using a screwdriver, the existing problem battery should be removed. That would have to be done very carefully.

3) Then remove the case of aluminum by removing the additional set of screws inside. Try to remove the case easily with your thumb and the screw-driver. You shouldn’t do this forcibly, as this can result in permanent phone damage.

4) Now you’ll see a cable that looks like a thread that acts as a connection to the two bits. It is very important that this part is not touched.

5) A glue-like material that keeps the battery in place will now become visible. The wires which denote the battery connections should be removed using a soldering iron.

6) Now you can take the old battery out. They will follow the reverse process of installing the new battery. After everything has been installed into one piece again, it should be tested by flipping it on whether the phone is now working. The new battery must be charged for at least three hours before using your phone.