Coffee Mugs for Year-Round Gift-Giving

We all want to give great presents, such items that will bring a smile when unwrapped and make the new owner really want to use them. It’s not always a simple feat to locate the right personal gift though. Gifts from coffee mug can serve two purposes: realistic, and whimsical. Coffee mugs on the practical side, give us a way to keep the brew soft. Yet whimsy is a lot more amusing. Visit Website Whimsical mugs will send a message, fill a collector’s niche and just be pure eye-catching! The following is a list of some of the more unique coffee mugs on sale.

  1. Ceramic Mugs with Lids Adding a cover to a mug is helping to keep the moisture in and out! Such mugs are great for sitting every time of the year on a deck or patio-just lift the lid for a drink. Ceramic mugs with lids are often very hard to find, and many of the available ones differ greatly from the more common travel mug and the lidless mug, their relative.

Animals tend to apply themselves to a lidded cup with greater ease. Another such mug is the Naughty Cat where the tail of the cat becomes the handle, and the head of the cat-sporting a grin saying, “Why me?” becomes the cover. Cows are also a popular target for a lidded mug with their heads (and horns) fitting into the cover and their tails a handle for the cup.

Also the R2D2 from Star Wars has been turned into a lidded ceramic mug.

Several variants of lidded mugs were produced by pottery artists, resulting in a mug with a lid that can also act as a saucer. Such stoneware mugs are mostly made by hand and are coated in a translucent glaze. Others have a three-dimensional style with an optional modified cover on the front and back while some are simple glazed stoneware with a fitted cap.

  1. Emotion and emoticon mugs Such enjoyable mugs allow the consumer to show the world just how one thinks-a mood-ring of sorts from the 1960s. Smiley Face mugs, Frowny Face mugs, Angry Heart Face mugs, including those expressing disappointment or a clink. Some mugs wear a sticker “Hey, My Name Is” or terms such as Finicky or Persistence. Others still show names in Personalized Emotion mugs along with the emotions.
  2. Celebration / Holiday Mugs Celebration and holiday mugs encourage the user to keep a favorite day throughout the year. Such mugs can celebrate anniversaries, promotions, or graduations. Holiday mugs mark the Burns Season, Valentines Day, Candlemas, Wheel Switch, Groundhog Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Flag Day, Halloween, Guy Fawkes Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Even the seasons can be turned year-round: winter snowflake and snowman mugs; summer sunflowers; fall autumn leaves and acorns; and early butterflies, daisies, and forget-me-nots.
  3. Democratic Mugs Oh, yeah, mugs and politics-a perfect match. Mugs may display their political affiliation and hold a number of messages when promoting a political movement. Occupy Wall Street mugs, Grievance Redress (Guy Fawkes) mugs, so-and-so Candidate mugs, and Tea Party mugs. Political mugs tend to be common in a number of countries, including the United States, England, Ireland and Australia.
  4. Collectible Mugs It is sometimes hard to identify precisely what is collectible, yet knowing one’s receiver offers the prospect of filling a gap in someone’s set. Collectors of the perky mouse with wide ears, for example, may be blessed with a range of mugs. Another other mug utilizes only the trousers of the user, using another arm legs as the handle of the cup. The entire head is made of yet another in this process. A final mouse plays wearing a top hat, where the top hat transforms into a cap that flips open or closed.