Features Of Watch and Jewelry Repair Services

There are plenty of simple tools available which are used in watch repair. A pair of decent tweezers and screwdrivers are the starting tools. Certain important tools that typically come in handy are— a good lamp,— a comfortable working area (usually a table) — cleaning solvents, — oil, — a knife, — toothpicks,— flexible adhesive material, — special stones to sharpen your screwdrivers and tweezers,— a set of measuring tools— And don’t forget the emery cloth that’s needed in a toolkit.You may find more details about this at Watch Repair.

If you’re serious about watch repair, don’t forget nippers, punches, pinches of different shapes and sizes, hand pullers, a demagnetizer and a watch case opening and closing device as well. When you take watch repair seriously, there are some more advanced devices like the truing caliper and a timing system and a polisher, and even a lathe.

Below are a few devices that are discussed in detail in Tweezers: Beginning with a style 2 or 3 tweezers is a good idea because they are easier to handle and you can also use them on sensitive watches. Nonmagnetic tweezers made by the Swiss are rated the highest, because they won’t rust or have any fragile steel parts of the watches that stick to them. In case such a problem happens the demagnetizer will support you. The tweezers should be straight and parallel, because just a touch of extra pressure will have the fragile parts of the tweezers falling out. They will use a fine stone to sharpen the tweezers.

Screwdrivers: this is an vital device in a watch repairman’s kit, as it plays an important role in repairing and re-fixing a watch’s fragile and minute parts. The Swiss screwdriver is a good bet as they have easy-to-use, spinning tops. Use the French screwdrivers if you find them pricey or if they don’t fit in your budget, they are fine too. India and Pakistan are also making screwdrivers that are pretty cheap but don’t forget the price.

Cleaning solutions: a suitable commercial solution is recommended during the watch repair and cleaning, preferably waterless. Most of these cleaning solutions have carcinogens which can affect your health. For old pocket watches, Peg wood sticks also known as toothpicks are useful for filling up the jewel holes. Ultrasonic robots and other washing devices are having you nowadays. It will help you clean up the dirty parts and all you need to do is check the clean parts and repair the watch again. Care should be taken when cleaning as the pieces can be fragile and aged.

Oils: Oil plays a very important role in the cycle of washing. Such oils are exorbitant but depend on the size and category of the watch in general. Elgin had made the first breakthrough in synthetic watch oil. Today, such oils are not on the market. It is known that Moebius, which is a Swiss company, makes both very good synthetic and natural oil that helps in the process of watch repair.