How to Become a Super Stripper

Who sets the Super Stripper apart from its peers? She has what kind of personality? How smart is She? What lifestyle is she living, and what unique abilities was she born with which she is separated from the rest of the girls in the locker room trying to rent out? a fantastic read  has some nice tips on this. It is these personal qualities we believe that describe how she rose to the top.

I’m reading Malcolm Gladwell’s great book, entitled Outliers. He claims in the book that successful individuals are not self-made. Successful people aren’t growing from nothing and Super Strippers have no magical powers. Rather the society to which we belong and the legacies passed down from our families form the patterns of our accomplishment in ways we can’t start imagining. It’s not enough to question what a Super Stripper is LIKE, it’s just by questioning what world she’s from and continuing to immerse herself in that we can start unraveling who’s walking out with a cash wallet and weeping in the locker room.

Have you ever heard this saying: you are the composite of the five people with whom you spend the most time. So think of the five men that you’re hanging around most right now…. got em? Now think of it: you’re the average intelligence, average income, average weight, average emotional maturity, average all of those five men.

You may remember when you do that exercise that you need better friends. No matter how much you love your family (because you can’t get rid of them), your husband, your high school friends, and the girls you commiserate with in the locker room… could they possibly hold you back?

You can’t change where you come from in the past, but from this point on you can change the environment with which you surround yourself. If you’re surrounded by successful people, you’ll no doubt experience more success! Such a simple concept… but how in a strip club do you do that? You don’t want everybody to know your secret sauce for making the right money?

The cornerstone of Super Stripperhood is to build a supportive environment which fosters success. Online forums are a great place to start… but nothing can substitute for human contact. We learn from each other best.