Lawn Care Service Near me – Some Insight

Since most families depend on two incomes these days, and both partners are exhausted of the weight of hectic schedules, help is needed around the home, so one of the companies that has become immensely popular is a lawn care company. The know that the weekend is dominated by the chore of mowing the grass, weeding the gardens and raking leaves after a hard week and several hours devoted to the workplace, is not a pleasant thought for many men. Many homeowners have come to the conclusion that the expenditure in a lawn maintenance company is worth the expense because of the energy it frees up to be committed to more enjoyable activities, such as recreation and quality time spent on the occasional day off with family and friends. Have a look at Lawn care service near me for more info on this.

There are numerous lawn care companies out there ready to tackle the job of fluffing mulch in flower beds and trimming / shaping hedges, as well as maintaining the grass. In the fall months, these businesses can clean up flower beds and reap grass free from the carpet of leaves. Come spring a team must aerate, fertilize, and spray the lawn at the behest of a client.

Many lawn care companies offer services that go beyond merely mowing the lawn and managing the gardens. Spring cleaning is a very popular choice, involving:

-Clean up gardens-Remove or cut back dead leaves and plants

-Fluff up mulch

-Trim dead and overlapping branches on bushes

-Do edging

-Aerate, seed and fertilize grass A lawn care service can set up a weekly schedule and send a team to mow and clean up the lawn at home. The team would come out and do what a homeowner might require a whole day to do in a single half hour or so. With daily, weekly service throughout the spring, summer, and fall months a homeowner will feel confident that their yard will look good and their grass will be clean and green, clear of bugs that can cause dead areas. Even, regular service provides a great home curb appeal.

A formal report should be made available before a service contract is signed, and it should detail all of the basic services. These include: mowing, pulling weeds and tossing cuttings down walkways, driveways and sidewalks. Services that are accessible a la carte will potentially include: -Weeding-Trimming hedges, shrubs, bushes and tree branches-Edging of the road, walkway and sidewalks-Aerating of the lawn-Fertilizing / Seeding-Fluffing of the flower beds / Mulch removal if necessary Some businesses often provide hardscape services: brick and stone work: retaining wall, fence, detailing concrete or stone gardens. Several companies will also add water features, including decorative lighting.