Machine learning and SEO

Google is the largest search engine on the internet, which means that there is a considerable difference between Google and other search engines regarding the amount of traffic they get. That’s why, for a webmaster, getting his site ranked high in Google for the main keywords is absolutely important.

Here are the 4 quick and effective tips to consider when optimizing Google’s website:

  1. Emerging Ties

Inbound links, or incoming links, are connected to your web. Constantly working on getting incoming links to your site is very important for optimal Google SEO Ranking. Google sees every incoming link as a vote of confidence from a particular website, so it is important that your website receives more and more “votes.” To get the most out of the incoming links, the main keywords should be used for link title.To get more information try out here:Machine learning and SEO

  1. New content in Quality

Google also loves sites which are regularly updated with new, original content. Be sure to regularly write new articles or posts and add them to your site to hold the spider of Google, come back to your site and list more and more of the pages on your web.

  1. Position maps

Google’s spider rating requires to be able to read all of the site’s pages quickly. That’s why it is an important factor to build a sitemap on your website-this way, no page on your site is more than 2 clicks away. It’s by no means a daunting job to create a sitemap; you can find some free ways to do it-only Google “print a sitemap”

  1. Density Keyword

Your site should be based on specific keywords. It is critical that they appear in your content many times, but at the same time make sure that on every page the keyword density is around 6 percent, not more. Beware of this!