Psoriasis Treatment Near Me- A Closer Look

That the source of Psoriasis is a T-cell deficiency (immune system) and toxin build-up inside the intestinal tract (mainly the colon walls) where parasites flourish. I had been looking for a Psoriasis cure most of my life as a long time sufferer of psoriasis and was positive on three separate occasions, one of which was accidental. Visit Psoriasis Treatment near me.

For the sake of all those suffering by Psoriasis, I can briefly describe my experiences of a successful treatment to Psoriasis, but these were not effective remedies or cures.

The first was back in 1974, when I had a battle on my left optic nerve with a pseudo-tumor (meaning fake). While benign, it can inflict intense pain when inflamed. Long short film… I was diagnosed with a fairly new medication on the market at the time named’ prednisone’ to avoid the risk of surgery. I can assure you that much of my Psoriasis has vanished in a matter of a few days. Unfortunately, no one can live on prednisone forever and the Psoriasis returned double not too long after I was off the medication. Currently this medication is only used as a Psoriasis Therapy in extreme cases.

The second time was when I took huge amounts of beta-carotene (10,000 IUs) per day in 1992. Details about this in a later post… And why, though.

The third time, as I began my personal quest to eternally heal my Psoriasis. After a lot of research starting about 2000 years ago, when Psoriasis was considered to be leprosy, it seemed to me that Psoriasis had to be more than “we understood” Work now reveals and usually supports what I have believed this entire time… A mixture of contaminants (parasites), unhealthy dietary patterns and a sort of immune system dysfunction (T-cells) that led me to my own rational conclusion and Psoriasis Treatment method.