Stone Masonry – One Of The Most Ancient Art Forms Still Alive And Valued

A stone lying on the ground may seem worthless to a normal individual but this stone is one of the most precious objects in the world for a stonemason. People trained in the field of stone carving and construction are called stonemasons. This craft is known as stone masonry, and is one of the oldest still practiced forms of art today. If you’re looking for more tips, monumental stone mason tools  has it for you.

History These masons were the men who built up towns and brought together two towns by constructing buildings from their professional hands. Their brilliant minds encouraged them to carry useless boulders from the outskirts of the city and carve them into smaller pieces so that they could fit together to form a house and other taller buildings. For protection and security, stonemasons constructed walls around their towns so no one could attack them from their beloved towns.

Modern Stone Masonry We see in a new world where technology has taken over and skyscrapers are being constructed with the help of cranes and other machinery. With these technology advancements you would think a stonemason’s skills have become redundant. That’s not the case though and stonemasons are still in demand. Decades and decades of experience of stone masonry were passed down and now a new face has been given to stone masonry with the combination of modern technology.

The reality that technology has replaced the use of hands to carve stones can not be overlooked. Even, stone masonry is an art in this country. It is because with computers not everything can be achieved and imagination is still required, that’s where the art of stone masonry comes in. And again, books don’t teach anything. Any of the skills must be gained through hand practice, and this is where a stone mason’s expertise comes in.

Stonemasons and their work are to be found in both the private and government sectors in the present period. However, their demand in private sectors is especially higher than in government sector. This is because stonemasons focus on a specific target area, rather than the general market. A individual who is skilled in stone art will always be imaginative, and will seek to add something special and original to his development.

When we compare a stone mason’s work with a construction worker, we can see that certain areas can overlap with work there. But a stone mason’s work is more labor-intensive, and needs more personal ingenuity than the other.

Each stone mason is going to try to be different from the next. It is because they have different minds and never have the same opinion. The materials and tools used by one stone mason to build a piece that vary from another person who is trying to create the same piece.

Demand For Stone Masons Stone masons are normally employed by people who renovate or restructure their homes or offices. It is because the stone work looks very good and the elegance of the house and office is also increased. We can take fire place as an example. Anyone could recreate the fireplace. But a fireplace constructed with miniature stones that are skillfully placed in the fireplace will add a different appeal and look to that location.