Tips for Writing a Flower Card Message

Everybody likes to get a bouquet of flowers, whether sent for a graduation party, a Mother’s Day gift or as retirement flowers to signal the transition on to the next stage of life. There’s something out there to match every event and every palate, from the classic red roses to bunches of tropical blooms.

However, writing a message to accompany your bouquet can be tricky, especially since you may not handwriting the message yourself if you send a bunch directly from an online florist. With that in mind, here are a couple of tips to create the ideal greeting that will surely make someone’s day.By clicking here we get info about glammy gift florist.

The first thing you should remember is making your message unique. Chances are that the individual in question is likely to receive a lot of cards at the same time-depending on the occasion, of course-and to make yours stand out with a little personal touch can go a long way in making sure that the receiver feels appreciated and that you put extra effort into it just for them.

Although the traditional “Happy Birthday” for birthday flowers and “Good Luck” for retirement flowers may seem the obvious choice, see if something a bit different may come up. How about a “Let the fun start!” quip for retirement flowers, or a “You get better every year!” instead for an anniversary message?

Besides that, you need to note that flower card notes usually need to be held relatively brief-this is primarily because cards that are often sent with bouquets are small in room and allow you to be concise.

This is another reason to say something new and snappy rather than lengthy and traditional; through just a few simple words, it can bring a lot of personality and express warmth and laughter.

Browse the internet for examples of what other people have written on similar occasions if you’re stuck for ideas of what to write on. You could even check that you’re ordering the flowers from the company, as they usually have such a vast experience writing flower cards that they’re going to know what to say for every different occasion!

The person who is getting the card should also be complimented and made to feel cared for and valued. Whoever the excuse for sending the package, whether it’s a batch of Valentine’s Day flowers or retirement flowers, it’s about celebrating a special occasion, so it’s about making the person involved feel special.

You could say “Your deserve it” for retirement flowers, you might choose to say “You did it! Well done!” for a promotion at work, or a “I hope your birthday is as terrific as you are” to make a birthday boy or girl feel extra appreciated on their special day.It is important to avoid the light-heartedness of the above suggestions if you are sending the flowers for an occasion that is not celebratory but rather a sad event such as the passing of a loved one, to an individual fighting an illness or as an apology after a dispute.

Rather, aim to keep things brief but instead be honest and heartfelt to show the person you care about. Clear but concise words like “You are in my mind,” “I hope your recovery is a swift one” and “I’m sorry, please forgive me” express emotions deeply from the core that the recipient can understand.